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Posted by on Dec 1, 2017 in Announcements, Featured Resource, Internet Insights

Where’s My St. Croix Valley Gifted eNews?

Where’s My St. Croix Valley Gifted eNews?

Haven’t seen an issue of our monthly eNews recently? You may need to check your email settings or preferences! Why? It’s likely your email tools are directing our regular updates somewhere other than your inbox. This is especially true if you’re using a free email service (ex. GMail).

GMail, in particular, tends to drop newsletters you’ve chosen to receive into a Promotions folder. If you don’t remember to check there regularly, consider adding a message filter that redirects messages from St. Croix Valley Gifted either to your inbox or a separate GT folder. Visit the GMail support pages for related instructions, or check similar support pages for your email provider. If you’re using Outlook, Thunderbird, or another email client on your Mac, PC, or tablet, info under the Help menu should offer guidance for creating a custom filter.

preferencesNeed to change the email address where you receive St. Croix Valley Gifted eNews? Track down a previous eNews message or wait for the next one to arrive at your old email address. In the footer at the bottom of every newsletter, below the social media icons, just click the update your preferences link where you can make an update. If it’s easier, send us a message with both your old and new email addresses and we can make the change for you.

You would like to start receiving St. Croix Valley Gifted eNews for upcoming events, GT resources, or info about this chapter and MCGT? Send us a message with your name and preferred email address. We never share our contact list with any other groups or promotional entities.

Interested in previewing a past edition of our eNews first? We’ve started archiving the past year of our newsletter here. You’re welcome to take a look! We won’t archive the current school year’s editions until Summer. You’ll want to get on our mailing list to receive the latest updates on a timely basis.

Can Educators and/or people who aren’t MCGT members receive St. Croix Valley Gifted eNews? Yes, definitely! We send a version of our eNews to interested community members and to all area school principals and counselors. We also sometimes send eNews to area teachers and school board members. If you are not currently receiving our newsletter, are a recent staff or family arrival at a St. Croix Valley area school (preK – 12), are homeschooling locally, and/or you’re a community member interested in learning more about local supports for GT learners, please contact us with your name and email address to get on our regular mailing list. Please attend one of our chapter meetings or other local events and introduce yourself!

Does MCGT have a social media page or account I can follow? MCGT maintains a Facebook page where anyone can learn more about the organization and topics of interest, plus a Members Only Facebook group where members can discuss GT supports and services, share experiences, ask for member input, learn about local enrichment offerings, and more. New MCGT members can message the group administrator directly on Facebook to be approved for access. MCGT also is on Twitter under @MCGT_Tweets. NAGC also has both a Facebook page and member group, plus a Twitter account.

St. Croix Valley Gifted does not keep separate social media accounts. Our eNews and this website serve as the main sources of chapter info, plus we provide chapter meeting updates on the MCGT Facebook page. St. Croix Valley Gifted makes independent choices about what to place in the newsletter, so you will receive unique content from us vs. MCGT’s social media presence.

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